Wednesday, March 9, 2011

200 pills/day

That's how many pills the man takes that is convinced human capacity will be exceeded by computers. That way he can live long enough to put his brain in a machine to become immortal. Super, right?

I can't get the robot brains out of my brain, so I have chosen my direction and will begin my research with the article, "The Medium is the Message." 
I have seen Exit Through the Gift Shop but will flip it on again while working on more of this for a refresher. Great movie so it couldn't hurt.

I had to include this photo. I'm definitely a fan of his, but you have to admit - he gets a little ridiculous with the hair flip and pursing lips. So LA. So cheese. Much love Shepard, sorry to hate.

Moving on, 
-Appropriation is the perfect way to change people's perception of something familiar
-There's no profit in pasting up thousands of posters and selling 100-200 max.
-Shepard makes very critical choices when deciding which images to appropriate in order to strengthen his concepts.
-In Shepard's book, Supply & Demand, he gives detailed descriptions of his process of choosing these images and appropriating the. I need this book.
-To wrap up, here are a few extra images from the article to reference. Some by Shepard, and some by pop artists.

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