Sunday, March 13, 2011

what is value anyway?

So I had one other big thing come up in conversation during a 13 hour drive yesterday that has proved to be a potential other concept for street art. This topic has entered conversations quite a bit with my close friends lately. What is it about? MONEY.
So there is no such thing as the gold standard. We all have bank accounts and hold a certain amount of digits worth. We swipe plastic cards and computers move our digits around between account holders. And we all just agree that these digits are valuable. It's really strange the more you think about it. To me, money is becoming less and less important in my life. It's pretty awesome because I'm able to see the difference between things that are so temporary in this world and things that hold true value which to me is a very personal definition - too personal for this project's blog. 
But anyways this lead me to start thinking of the following images to define this concept. I feel like I've made immense amounts of progress with my other direction, so I was comfortable playing with this one a bit as well.

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