Wednesday, March 9, 2011

and so it begins

I'm on the fence on this project because I've always wanted to do an Indie Rock poster, but there was a Times Magazine article recently that really upset me that makes me want to create a street works poster in response to it. Here's a link to ink:,9171,2033076-1,00.html
In short - it's about computer intelligence exceeding human intelligence. In the actual article he discusses the possibility to put our brains in machines so we can be immortal. And this leads to one phrase sticking out in my mind:

I woke up from a horrid dream this morning to the robot brains idea - totally unrelated dream but for some reason this popped into my head. And even a visual of the insides of a human with a screen printed 3 dimensional outline of a robot all randomly came into my head. This never happens. It makes me think I should explore the potential of this idea and leave the band poster behind but for the sake of attachment, here are a few indie rock posters from that make my heart race. 

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