Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I found the full article from our assignment. Here are a few notes about the obey phenomenon:

-reawaken a sense of wonder about one's environment
-create curiosity
-don't hand over the product of purpose of the ad off the back
-there is no meaning of the poster. crap. I want meaning...
-the sticker is embraced as a sign of rebellion
-causes viewers to consider the details and meanings in response to themselves

I've gathered that the following things are important to consider when I enter execution stages. Ambiguity of message, high contrast color scheme, clear shapes, no overwhelming detail, and a quick headstrong presentation of the imagery so it grabs the viewers attention quickly to cause that sense of curiosity and questioning.


  1. No overwhelming detail? (Aside from the Obey poster) I feel like that there is an abundance of overwhelming detail, it is just secondary, juxtaposed with one or two extremely simple but dominate graphics.
    .... Just an observation

  2. for sure kelsey - I totally agree. It just needs to read from far away with dominating shapes. The detail is definitely secondary, but I wanted to make sure it was reading with enough impact at a distance since it's a poster.