Monday, March 14, 2011

central square records

I happened upon this individual at a record store. I took photos of all of the goodies I got from there today for my other blog, but wanted to specifically showcase him for this blog. Robots make me happy for some reason so in using them in imagery to try to communicate something upsetting will be interesting. I will definitely need to appropriate the imagery to confuse viewers. 
There were also so rad indie band posters that were screen printed for sale in the record store. It got me pumped about talking to my prof about printing my own poster for this assignment in the screen printing studio. That'll just require a bigger screen as far as I can tell so hopefully there's a spare. There were a lot of awesome things going on including some overlays of process colors creating different visuals due to color changes. Just a fun aesthetic I'm really interested in from my screen printing course right now...

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